Nursing students make blankets for sexual assault victims

Nearly 50 Newman University nursing students who are members of the Nurses Christian Fellowship joined forces in March to make 25 blankets for victims of sexual assault in Wichita.

Students of the organization, a local chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, gathered over a lunch hour for the project. After each blanket was made, NCF students gathered around it, prayed for the person who will receive it and attached a note of encouragement.

Associate Professor of Nursing Amy Siple, MSN, said nurses from Wesley Hospital in Wichita who deal with sexual assault victims came to a NCF meeting and talked to students about the need for blankets.

“They have some amazing stories about how these blankets are positively impacting those who have suffered so much,” Siple said. “We plan to continue this every semester after seeing such a great outpouring of love and compassion from our students and hearing what a tremendous difference they are making.”

Photo: Nursing student and NFC member Jessica Scheer writes a note of encouragement and a Bible verse for the person who will receive her blanket. Scheer’s mother, Karla, who operates “The Blanket Makers” organization, donated material for the project.

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