Anne Stockemer

Alumni Spotlight


Anne Stockemer graduated in 1943 with her associate degree when Newman University was known as Sacred Heart Junior College (SHJC). At the age of 101, Anne has lived an exciting life. She moved to Los Angeles in 1949, attended Immaculate Heart College and earned a bachelor’s degree and eventually a Master of Arts in 1962. To help fund her education, Anne worked as a legal secretary for a Beverly Hills law firm and also worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

She then received a teaching certificate from University of Southern California to work for the LA Unified School District as an off-campus teacher, and for the next 20 years, worked with students individually. She tutored and taught all ages — from elementary school through college — reading, writing, editing theses and dissertations, and even two books.

In 1996, Anne retired and moved to Overland Park, Kansas, and then eventually to Mount Hope, Kansas. While at SHJC, she took an art class and loved learning from the faculty but did not participate in any clubs or sports. She remembers SHJC fondly; “Oh yes, I liked it! The nuns and teachers were very nice. I wasn’t very sports-minded.” Anne worked in Wichita for a few years before beginning her career in Los Angeles. When asked about being interviewed, she humbly responded, “Why me, I’m just a poor girl from St. Marks!”

Anne has certainly made an impactful difference in the lives of hundreds of students during her 101 years (and counting)!


As we are in the midst of a new academic year, I reflect on the past year and the many exciting ways alumni became engaged with Newman as their alma mater. We saw alums take advantage of networking opportunities and alumni events that allowed them to make new connections, and current students found mentors in alums that were willing to step up and provide support. 

Alumni attended athletic and fine arts events as well as participated in the Annual Alumni Awards and university fundraisers. Alumni found many ways to stay connected to Newman and the friends they made here. 

This new academic year brings even more opportunity, and with it, a new atmosphere of hope. The incoming class brought one of the highest number of student enrollments we’ve seen in several years and our newest graduates are already launching their careers and making a difference in communities.

I am excited to welcome alumni to this year’s university and alumni events, including celebrating our 2023 Distinguished Alumni recipients in April.

I’m especially excited to welcome alumni, both local and out-of-state, to our 2023 All-Alumni Reunion June 23-25. It has been five years since our last reunion and it’s time to gather again to reconnect with faculty, staff, colleagues and fellow alumni during this fun-filled weekend.

Thank you for all you do in your local communities and within the Newman community.

Cindy Miles

National Alumni Board President