Alums share their favorite Newman memory


Many Newman University alumni have a favorite memory, story or observation about their time as students. In November 2016, Newman sent an email to alums asking them to share their stories with fellow graduates.

The best entry* would receive two tickets to the Dec. 5 Newman Christmas choir concert, and the top three entries would be included in the pages of Newman University Magazine. The winners were also asked to match their Newman stories with a donation on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which is known across the globe as Giving Tuesday, a day to be thankful for our blessings and to give back.

Below are excerpts from the top three entries:

Winning submission:
Darrin ’16 and Mallory (Vickery) ’16 Capps
Our experience at Newman University blessed us with the opportunity to expand and develop our compassion and dedication to others far beyond what we thought was possible. Our desire to provide a positive impact burns fiercely within us and has led to a sense of fulfillment that is exponentially greater than anything we had experienced before.

Haley Hungate ’15
When I was living in Beata [Hall] in the second semester of my sophomore year, we had three snow days due to around 14 inches of snow. Everyone who lived on campus had a huge snow day party together. Huge snowmen, forts, and snowball fights filled campus all week! It was so much fun, and it really brought the residential students together without an event planned!

Colene Kruse ’54
Sister Lucy and Sister Virginia were very dear to me. Mother Superior gave me a handmade rosary for graduation (which she herself made). It was intertwined into my wedding bouquet, and I still carry it today in my purse. Those women did more for my education and my Catholic faith than words can express!

* As voted on by members of the University Advancement Department.