Amino Acid Mural in Heimerman Hall Will Be Missed


Following construction of the Bishop Gerber Science Center, the Heimerman Science Center will be demolished. Many at Newman University will miss certain aspects of the building, including the student-created artwork on the interior walls.

One piece of art that is particularly interesting is a mural that runs down the wall of the spiral staircase joining the first and second floors.

The mural illustrates different amino acids using a three-letter code (codons) that is represented by the letters A, T, C and G. These amino acids make up the DNA in every living creature’s body. To further simplify the codons, scientists have created a shorthand code that gives each amino acid its own letter, corresponding to letters of the alphabet. For example, the amino acid Asparagine is represented using the codon letters “AAT” and simplifed as “N.”

At the top of the staircase the first codon is shown as “AAT” – or “N” (Asparagine). The next codon shown is “GAA” – or “E” (Glutamine). The DNA sequence continues down the stairwell with the decrypted codons spelling the word “NEWMAN.”

– Dan Murphy