Annual Report

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Newman Board of Trustees Chair Teresa Hall Bartels Photo by: Dan Murphy

As I begin my first year as board chair, I have reflected on the Newman University vision and the responsibility that our Board of Trustees carries. Part of Newman’s vision statement reads, “We develop leaders who think critically, act compassionately, and work diligently to create a more just and peaceful world that honors the dignity of all people.”

The entire Board of Trustees recognizes the enormous responsibility of those words and holds Newman’s mission as our sacred trust. We are empowering the next generation of leaders who will transform society. We stand on the shoulders of giants; those of past board members and also the ASC sisters — the founders of the university — who remain a strong and faithful presence on campus.

We strive to plan for the resources necessary to ensure faculty and staff have the ability to keep creating our future leaders. I am inspired by the Newman faculty, who commit themselves to guiding our students to become critical thinkers and compassionate members of society. And I am so appreciative of the dedication of the Newman staff, who also work tirelessly on behalf of the students.

I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to lead the Newman University Board of Trustees. I’m committed to doing all that I can to help the Newman community strive for excellence, serve our mission and achieve our vision.


Teresa Hall Bartels

Chair, Newman University Board of Trustees

Gifts from July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017


($1,000,000 and Above)

The J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation Inc.


($25,000 and Above)

Mickey ’11 (Hon D) and E.W. Pete Armstrong

Rene and Michael Brand

Gene (Hon D) and Yolanda Camarena

Noreen Carrocci and Robert Benson

Chance Family

Linda ’77 and Joe Davison

Tom and Myra Devlin Family

Sarah and Nick ’73 Dondlinger

Leslie Donovan

Lana and Dennis Gillen

Rosalie and Robert Goebel (Hon D)

Mary Jones ’84

The Keller Family

Ann and Paul ’84 Konecny

Nancy and Nick Mohr

Larry and Carla Steckline

Alice ’85 (Hon D) ’12 and Dale Wiggins

Companies, Foundations
and Organizations

Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Berry Foundation

Brand Investments LLC

Catholic Diocese of Wichita

Fred C. & Mary R. Koch Foundation

I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation

James and Catherine Buck Charitable Trust

Kansas Department of Education

Legacy Bank

Paul S. Bomberger Jr. Foundation Inc.

R. M. Gouldner Memorial Trust

The Dwane L. & Velma Lunt Wallace Charitable Foundation

The Sunderland Foundation


($10,000 – $24,999)

Bill and Susie Braun

Dale and Michael Bukaty

Gene ’76 and Julie Cannata

Elizabeth ’82 and Mike Di Silvestro

Sylvia Orozco-Do and Patrick Do

Kenneth and Sue Doonan

Glenn ’85 and Kelly ’85 Dugan

Bryson and Susan ’88 Giovanni Butts

Melissa ’82 and Bart ’83 Grelinger

Elizabeth ’79 and Morris ’80 Hund

Gial Kaegi ’67

Carol and James Loeffler

Carmella ’79 and Michael ’78, ’99 (Hon D) Ludlow

Anthony and Soledad Madrigal

Denise and Shawn ’82 McDonald

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Reed

Steve and Vera Robl

Liz and Michael Rodee

Scott and Janet Schwindaman

Laura and Frank Suellentrop

The Rev. Thomas Welk (Hon) CPPS

Marta and Stephen ’76 Williamson

Dale Withers

Companies, Foundations
and Organizations

Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

Bicknell Family Foundation

Great Western Dining Service Inc.

Intrust Bank Charitable Trust

K.T. Wiedemann Foundation Inc.

Mommy’s Helper Inc.

Naftzger Fund for Fine Arts

Overland Charters

RDG Schutte Wilscam Birge Inc.

South Central Kansas Library System

The Fidelity Bank Foundation

Victor Murdock Foundation

Westar Energy Foundation

Wichita Community Foundation


($1,000 – $9,999)

Elaine Aaron ’51 and Wayne Hemmen

Jan and Jerry Aaron

Dorothy Adams AA ’37, ’61

John Anderson ’95

Clark and Sharon Bastian

Johnnie Bell

The Rev. Ned Blick ’86

Diane and Roger Bloyd

Karen and Andrew ’79 Bogner

Glenna and David ’01, ’11  Borho

Louie ’70 and Karen Campisani

Frank and Janie Carney

Sherry and Anthony Catanese

Joe (Hon) and Pat Childs

Joshua ’03 T. & Michille A. Chilson

Thomas M. and Margaret S. Church

Cam Clark

Valry Coltharp ’70

Susan Crane-Laracuente and Sonny Laracuente ’12

Diana ’85 and Randall Crook

Krystal ’05 and Justin ’05 Crumley

Laura and Richard (Hon D) Cummings

Jeff Dahlgren

Inez Daniels

Erin and Bradley ’97 Dart

Margaret Anne ’82 and Carl Detmer

Robert ’82 and Nancy Diepenbrock

Colleen and Thomas ’72 Dondlinger

Terri and Martin Dondlinger

Vanessa ’05 and Raymond ’05 Dondlinger

Carolyn and Michael Donovan

Laurie Drouhard ’90

Marilyn and John Dugan (Hon D)

Rachel ’91 and Woodrow Duncan

Bettie and Paul (Hon D) Eck

Kathy and John Eck

Les and Pam Eck

Patricia and William Edison

Donna and Michael Egan

Janice and Levi Esses

Jerry and Ellie ’55 Ewald

Christopher and Karoline Felts

Frank and Joan (Hon) Felts

Don ’07 and Bernadette Fetterolf

John Finn

Fr. John P. Fogliasso

Ann and Thomas (Hon) Foley

Ann ’81, ’01 and Mark ’78 Fox

Melissa and Geoffrey French

Jennifer and Brandon Gantz

Fr. Joseph Gile

Christine and Daniel ’96 Giroux

Carter and Kathrine ’96 (Vossen) Girrens

Carolyn A’67 and Ronald Goertz

Jeanette ’63 and Charles Green

Laura and Jeff Gruenbacher

Mary and Bruce Hall

Chuck and Teresa ’10 (Hon D) Hall-Bartels

Mrs. Patricia Hamman

Della and Von Hampton

Margaret and Patrick Healy

Larry (Hon) and Robbi ’75 Heck

Monsignor Robert Hemberger

Sheryl Hemmen ’91 and Steven Albert

Carol and Kenneth Hertel

Jan Hiser ’81

Jack Hollingsworth D.D.S.

Larry and Margy ’74 Hund

Margaret ’81 and Kent Johnson

J.V. ’82 and Veronica ’82 Johnston

Norm and Kay Jones

Dane C. Kelly

Gerry Killeen A’65, ’69

Doug and Jodi Kirkland

J.T. Klaus ’87

Patricia and Edward Koehler

Kathleen Kroupa ’77

Kathy and Herb Krumsick

Reverend John P. Lanzrath

Ellen ’81 and Edward ’80 Leis

Ronnie and Jeffrey Leonard

Maribeth ’76 and Robert ’74 Lester

John ’83 and Carla Lies

Karen and L. Gordon Long

Kim and James Long

Deborah and James ’81 Macias

Judy ’66 and John Marstall

Brian Meredith and Rebecca ’79 Martin

Shawn and Thomas ’82 McCarthy

Ella Mae McGuire

Bill and Pam Meitl

Eileen ’64 and William Meurer

Father Ben Meyer

Margaret and Donald ’76 Moe

Sandra Muchka A’67

Mary and Fred Muck

Meliss and Michael Mullins

Kalli ’06 ’13 and Tim Nance

Phil and Sharon Neff

Tammie Nelson ’88, M.D.

Sharon Niemann, DNAP, CRNA

Carol Noller ’80

Diane ’78 and Mark Orth-Baalmann

Dian ’78 and Timothy Pauly

John Peterson ’98

Mandy ’98 and John Pilla

Bill ’78 and Catherine ’78 Powers

Dr. John ’76 and Freda Pyles

Laura ’04 and Michael ’99 ’02 Quick

Kathleen and Paul Robben

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rome

Barry ’72 and Marsha Rudy

Sandy and Terry Rupp

Andrea and Jim Scarpelli

David ’76 A. and Karen Schmeidler, M.D.

Ashley and Chet ’01 Schrader

Reverend Kenneth J. Schuckman ’76

Casey and Larry Schumacher

Deborah Schumaker ’79

Steven Schwartz ’78

Diana and Stephen ’76 Scuka

Mercedes and Todd Shoemaker

The Rev. Michael Simone

Anne ’79 and Robert ’83 Simpson

Rene ’86 and Michael ’86 Smith

Marilyn Spohr A’59 ’63

Doug and Sheryl Stanley

Shelly ’95 and Kyle Steadman

Jenifer ’87, ’93 and Richard Stone

Jacalyn Strong

Sylvester and Jo Ann Temaat

Denice ’81 and Andre ’82 Thibault

Barbara ’80 and Ralph ’80 Thiergart

Lisa and Gerald ’81 Thimmesch

Virginia and Paul Treadwell

Kathryn ’14 and Victor ’11 Trilli

Ray and Jackie Vietti

Kimberly and Monte ’78 Vines

Jim Voegeli

Tracey and Ben Voegeli

James Walker

Jane and Thomas J. Weilert

John Weir

Christine and Blake Wells

Jane Wickett ’75

Dana Winkler

Dr. Estephan & Janane Zayat & Family

Companies, Foundations
and Organizations

1st Mortgages

Advanced Orthopaedic Associates P.A.

Alloya Corp Federal Credit Union

Ascension Health Ministry

Bell Carpet & Floors

BG Products, Inc.


Black Hills Corporation Foundation

BlueCross BlueShield of KS Foundation

Bob Bergkamp Construction Co Inc

Boyer Educational Trust

Butler Community College

Central States Capital Markets LLC

City of Wichita

Commerce Bank

Cornejo & Sons Inc.

Crossfirst Bank

Dondlinger & Sons Construction Inc.

Dugan Truck Line LLC

Eck Agency Inc.

Emprise Bank

Envision Inc.

Equity Bank

Evelyn Phinney Scholarship Trust

Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Charitable Gifts

Foulston Siefkin LLP

Fugate Enterprises

Greater Wichita Sports Commission

Hallbart Consulting LLC

Harry Hynes Memorial Hospice

J.R. Custom Metal Products

Johnnie Bell Properties

Kansas Filtration LLC

Kansas Independent College Fund

KU School of Medicine – Wichita

LDF Sales & Distributing Inc.

Light Agency Inc.

Lubrication Engineers, Inc.

Mahaney Roofing Co. Inc.

Midwest Single Source Inc.

NuStar Foundation

Orix Foundation

Professional Engineering Consultants P.A.

Professor Fran and Geri Jabara Fund Inc.

Reddi Industries Inc.

Screw Machine Products Inc.

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Simpson Construction Services Inc.

South Central Sealing LLC

Spirit AeroSystems Inc.

Supplement World LLC

SW Plus

The Klenda Foundation

Via Christi Health

Village Tours & Travel

Wichita Chapter of KSCPA

Wichita Indoor Football LLC


($999 and Below)

Helen Abigo ’12

Jeannette and Herbert Abts

Eileen Adams ’87

Sarah ’92 and David ’12 Adolph

Debra and Antonio ’96 Alba

Willie Albert ’80

Jane ’88 and Michael Alderson

Flossie and David Alexander

Martha Allen

Laurie Alloway ’96

Michelle and Richard Altdoerffer

Molly ’04 and Robert Alvarez

Erin Anderson

Jennifer and Chad ’99 Andra

Drs. Brett and Tammy Andrews

Sheila and William Chris ’85 Arensberg

Linda and Norman Arensdorf

Jan and Ken Arnold

Therese and Stephen ’71 Arnold

Shella and John Augspurger

Taci and Tyler Axman

Angelica Ayers ’12

Joseph Baalmann ’10

Robert Bahr

Charles Baird ’76

Patricia Baker ’61

Shirley Baker ’94

David and Arleen ’83 Banowetz

Stephanie C. Barnes

Phyllis Barnett ’00

Agnes and Thomas Barrick

Robert Barrientos ’77

Marie Villacis Barrows ’06 ’13

Dan ’73 and Joyce Barry

Kate and Clay Bastian

Tamara ’07 and Vincent Bauer

Sarah and Brian ’06 Baxter

Joanne Beach ’98

Sheryl Beard

Roger and Angelina ’69 Bedell

Marycile Beer ’54

Amy and Dave ’84 Beier

Jeff and Dana Beitey

Larry and Joan ’73 E. Bell

Sherry and Mark Bell

Traci and Mike Bell

Asha and Timothy ’05 Belsan

Robert and Elizabeth Bennett

Barbara ’66 and Ken Beran

Julie Bergkamp ’93, ’04

Neoshea Bergman ’08 ’11

Laurie Berman

Martin and Jonnie ’92 Berneking

Sharon and Richard Beyer

Renee and Dan Biby

Sam ’83 and Jackie ’83 Biedron

Greg ’68 and Patti Biltz

Marcella Birzer ’66

Megan and Zachary Blakley

Mary ’04 and Nate Blasi

Philip Blick

Jennifer Blundon ’01

Amanda and Michael Booth

Harry and Anne A’58, ’62 Borchardt

Jonita Brack

Nancy Bradley ’84

Catherine Brady ’44

Helen Breitenbach ’59

Ryan ’08 and Katie Brennan

Mary ’65 and Robert Brody

Dolores ’53 and Martin Brown

Linda and William ’78 Brown

Rosetta Brown ’10

Sandra and Orville Brown

Zita ’61 and Kenneth Brummel

Linus Brungardt

J. Richard Bryant

Krista ’75 and Steven Bryant

Suzanne Bryson ’68

Darran and Ruth ’85 Bugner

Marilyn ’77 and Robert Bundy

Margaret and Neill ’93 Burdett

Grace ’11 and Henry Buresh

Melinda Burkhart ’07

Rose Ann ’68 and Gerald Burkhart

Catherine ’72 and Edward ’70 ’99 Burns

Kathy and Michael Burrus

Michael Burton

Marilyn ’56 and Roger Caldwell

Morgan Calvert

Louis and Joanne ’66 Campola

Kathy A. Capdevila

John Carey

John ’75 and Dianne ’75 Carney

Vincent Carpenter Jr. ’74

Russell and Diana ’90 Carroll

Elaine Carson ’06

Colleen and Marcelo ’13 Casenove

Marcella Chambers ’56

Mary ’61 and Robert Charles

Wade Chase

Mr. and Mrs. Claude Childers

Kathleen Childs

Timothy Cho ’10

Del and Greta Clark ’08

Judith ’70 and Michael ’71 Clifford

Terry ’74 and Sherry Clifton

Jean Clithero ’74

Reverend Frank Coady

Anita Cochran

Bernard Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Collins

Naola Conner ’49

Curtis and Sherri Conrad

Robin Cook ’10

Dick and Irene ’51 Cooper

Jill and B. Lee (Hon D) Cooper

Merri and Samuel ’81 Copeland

Mary ’90 and Terrance ’88 Corbett

Fred (Hon) and Diane Corner

Franklin ’71 and Theresa Couch

Patricia ’80 and JoJo ’80 Covington

C. Richard Cox

Janet and Gene Cox

Sherry Cox ’11

Arleta Crane ’98

Heidi Cunningham ’11

John ’97 and Denise Dahlgren

Nancy ’10 and Eric Dahlinger

Yasmine Dale

Patricia and Michael ’70 Dalton

Joseph Dandurand ’71

Patricia ’78 and Adolph ’76 D’Angelo

Mr. James Daniels

Nelda Daugherty

John Davis

Robert Dean

Stephanie Dean ’65

Frank and Katherine ’66 DeBacker

Tyson Denton ’05

Tom Depperschmidt

Mary Ann ’57 and James Deskins

Ruth Deuschle ’48

William DeVore

Margaret Di Silvestro ’11

Bryan Dietrich ’16

Jill Docking

Joe and Michelle ’91 Dold

Virginia Dold ’64

Catherine Dondlinger A ’65, ’70 and Jane Paris

Roseann and Robert Dool

Dylan Dorien

Martha ’74 and Larry ’73 Dostert

Linda Dougherty ’63

Michael and Mary Ann ’60 Dougherty

Virginia Downing ’81

Joelle and Robbie Dreiling

Richard Drendel ’03

Mark and Barbara ’95 Dresselhaus

Karen Dullea ’67

Brielle Dunham

Tiffany ’86 and Patrick Dunlay

Steve Dunn

Theresa ’64 and Kenneth Duran

Carol ’97 and Scott Dvorak

Scott and Darcy Eads

M. Jane Eaves

Patricia Ebenkamp ’66

Brenda (Thome) Eck A’67, ’87

Joyce ’53 and George Eck

Richard Eckberg

Timothy Eckberg ’76

Ann and Terry Edwards

Joe ’83 and Lynn Edwards

Melissa ’05 and Patrick ’07 Edwards

Kay M. Ehlen

Jenni and Zane ’07 ’12 Ehling

Carolyn Elder ’67

Alfreda Elliott ’53

Amelia ’75 and William Ellison

Joseph ’87 and Sandra Elmore

Moreen and Robert ’85 Emery

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Ermey

Pamela and Wylie ’67 Ernatt

Danielle ’04 and Michael Evancho

Dr. Sarah Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Evans

John Exline

Kelly Fankhauser

Sara Farley

Wanda (Miller) Farmer A’47

Don and Linda Farquhar

Ethel Felder ’93

Karlene and Paul Feldker

Josephine Feliciano ’05

Ron and Pat Ferreri

Karen ’69 and Alfred Ferruolo

Julianne and Thomas Feuerborn

Nadine ’49 and Bruce Fickle

Jean and Mark Finch

Roberta and Martin ’95 Fisher

Karen (Chippeaux) Flanigan A’64, ’85

Debbie and Robert Flax

Catherine ’01 and Jerree Forbes

Joan ’01 and David ’01 Foreman

James and Johanna ’69 Forshee

Larry J. Foster

Molly Fox ’10

Ted Fox

Ms. Nancy Frazier

Nancy and Max Frazier

Virginia  Freeman ’66

Gerald G. Froelke

Marilyn Fuchs ’67

Naomi Gamer ’56

Tonya and Justin Garretson

Courtney Gassman

Karen ’83 and Gregory ’81 Gawlik

April and Michael Gerber

Dennis Gerber ’80

Larry Gerber

Most Reverent Eugene Gerber (Hon D)

Doris ’72 and Michael Gerik

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gervasini

Gail Gettman A’66 ’72

Michelle Giammasi

Diane Gibbs

Joan Gibson

Paul Gifford

Ms. Elaine Gile

Marie Gillespie

Daryl Glamann Jr. ’96

Karl Glick

Rosella Goering ’78

Tiana ’14 and David Goering

Leonard Goldstein

Rita Gorges ’47

Catherine ’05 and Michael Govert

Rosy and Mark Graber

James Graf

Ms. Laury Graves

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gray

Shirley ’79 and Richard ’98 Greene

Beverly ’63 and Morris Greenwood

Norma Greever

The Rev. Adam Grelinger ’11

W.J. and Geraldean ’57, ’63 Grennan

Paul and Marge A’60 Gruenbacher

Margaret Grunning ’48

Anita ’15 and Terry Guidry

Swami Gurucharanananda ’59

Diane ’97 and Steven Haines

Patricia A’64 and A. Hainline

Louise and John Hall

Pat Hall

Rita and Calvin Hall

Kathryn Hallacy ’95

Mary ’56 and Leo Hamersky

Susanne Hamker

Matthew Hamm

Gary and Natalie Hand

H.J. and Joye Haneberg

Zachary Hanford ’10

Joe and Linda Hannon

Renee and Patrick ’11 Hanrahan

Gerald and Sue A’57, ’60 Harkness

Mary Harms ’13

Christie ’08 and Dallen Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Harshbarger

Kathy and Patrick ’76 Harter

Catherine Hattrup ’44

Amanda and Anthony ’01 Healy

Patricia Healy ’57

Marilyn and Alan Heath

Beth and Roy Heatherly

Joseph and Margaret ’78 Hebenstreit

Ruth Heimerman ’98

Renee ’02 and Adam Hein

Vicki ’65 and Clyde Helton

David Hemken ’74

Linda Hemken

David Herman

Victor and Linda Herman

Katina and Kenneth ’11 Herrig

Mary Hertach ’96

Serina Hertel ’11

Larry and Mary Heyka ’01

Kim and Steven ’11 Hieger

Amy and Mark ’90 Hilger

Jenna ’09 and Andrew ’08 Hill

Kimberly ’87 and Brian Hillard

Ms. Imogene Hitz

Larry and Tina ’86 Hoetmer

Mary Lorraine Hoffman ’56

Michael ’79 and Elizabeth Hogan

Bob and Jana ’90 Holder

Wes and Tenille ’98 Holmes

Kathy S. Holt

Joni Hopkins

Mr. and Mrs. Jarold Hopkins

Carolann ’66 and Gene Hoppe

Amelia and Marc Hopper

Ms. Anne Hopper

Ron and Janice A’57, ’64 Hornung

Jacqueline House ’00

Keith Howe

Garth Hulse ’72

Suzanne A’64 and Michael Hunter

Amy ’06 and Ryan ’07 Huschka

Barbara and John Hutchison

Derrick Idbeis ’10

Steven Ioerger

Sherry Irsik ’08

Gladie Irwin ’68

Julia Irwin ’82

Maria Irwin

David Jabara

Veronica ’83 and Douglas Janvrin

Shana Jarmer ’00 and Jason Camblin

Lorraine ’69 and Christopher Jeter

Mark ’92 and Heidi Jolliffe

Daniel and Rita ’77 Jones

Lyle Jones

Ms. Anne Ashley Jones

Carol ’59 and Paul Junk

Janet ’61 and Stephen Kaiser

Bonny and James Keene

Donna ’54 and Eldon Keil

Susan and Darryn Kellogg

Angela and Gerald Kennedy

Connie and John ’11 Kennedy

Richard Kilgore ’11

Steven and Sara Kimball

Mary ’65 and Dave Kirkbride

Margaret Kithinji

Mary Klinge A’63

Blaine and Melissa Knott

Jason ’97 and Rebecca ’97 Knox

Vivian and Glen Kochanowski

Jenelle Koftan

Lois ’74 and George ’72 Kreidler

Laurie and Carlos Labarca

Cindy and Joe Lafleur

Carol ’90 and Robert Lakin

Dolores and Myke Lane

Thomas Larocque ’10

Ellen ’73 and David ’71 Larson

Margaret Law

Frederick Lazowski ’74

Michael and Patricia ’63 Lechtenberg

Marian and Reynold Ledbetter

Kim and Robert Lee

Carolyn LeFevre ’75

Rebecca and Christian Lehr

Jennifer Leiker

Joyce and John Leis

Karen and David Lidgett

Patricia and David Lies

Ms. Carolyn Lindsey

Joan ’88 and Jeffrey ’88 Lipp

Barbara and Gary Lofstead

Kathy and Matt Logan

Rhonda and Gregory ’81 Lohkamp

Phillip Lovchik

Dr. Brennan Lucas

Judith and John Luding

Nancy Lugo-Baez ’94

Dennis Lutz

Janet Lyda ’80

Michael Mace ’12

Valerie and Dennis Mack

Joyce ’13 and Tim Mahoney

Lois Maickel ’55

Sheila ’77 and John Maksimowicz

Laura L. Malizzi

Shirley Mallot A’59 ’64

Eleanor and Clifford Malone

Larry ’98 and Mary Malone

Darrell Maneely ’94

Richard and Marguerite ’57 Mangen

Patrick ’75 and Sharon ’76 Manion

Pamela and Louis ’93 Mans

Teresa ’14 and Richard ’72 Marney

Pauline Martin ’67

Rosemary ’73 and Roland ’73 Martin

Gina and Terry Marx

Sharon Mathis ’86

Roosevelt Matthews ’12 ’15

Ms. Sharon May

Paulette and Vernon ’73 May

Margaret Mayer ’50

Susan and Dennis Mazouch

Michael McCall ’74

Lois McClelland

Angela and Brian McCoy

Roger and Kathy Gann-McCoy

Cynthia McDonald ’96

Keith McGee ’80

Dr. Larry and Kathleen McNeil

Judy and Dominick ’71 Mele

Joan ’75 and Robert Melzer

Paola and Aubrey ’14 ’16 Mentis

Ruth Menzer ’63

Ms. Janis Meredith

Johanna and Duane ’80 Mesloh

Katharin Meyer ’06

Kathleen Meyer ’63

Mr. Russell Meyer

Christopher Meyerpeter

Cindy ’09 and Mark Miles

Melanie and James Miller

Sue and Myron Miller

Sylvia and Larry Miller

Erin E. Mink

Daxeli Monterroza ’11

Mary and Charles Moon

Jace Moore ’13

Robert and Thelma ’64 Morris

Rachel and Scott Mudloff

William M. Mull

Brandy and Matthew Muncy

Lou Murdick

Ms. Lorene Murdick

Joan Navrat (Hon D) ’98

Robert and Martha Neidhart

Brandy Nelson

Kayla Nelson

Patricia Nelson ’48

Ann Newman ’12

Linh Nguyen ’04

Richard and Cynthia Niedens

Rosemary Niedens (Hon)

Leticia and Ran Nielsen

Mr. Jerome Noll

Caleb Noller ’16

Tim ’96 and Susan ’94, ’97 Norton

Alan Oberley

Billy and Dorothy Ochs

Charles A. Ogden

Kurt Okumura ’08

Lynnette Okwuonu

Debra O’Leary-Kurtz ’75 and Lawrence Kurtz

Ruth and Richard Oliverson

Cynthia and Jerry Oltmanns

Joan Opinante A’57, ’61

Leona O’Reilly ’64

Bernadine ’51 and Donald Overman

Gary and Geraldine ’68 Padgett

Jamie ’00 and Seth ’00 Page

Ms. Diana Palenz

Marjorie ’72 and Virgil Palmer

Lisa Palmieri

Lois and Dale Papenberg

Mr and Mrs Mark Papenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Papenberg

Ms. Marjorie Parsons

Susan Parsons

Alka ’96 and Manish Patel

Brent and Karin ’93 Paul

Janet Paulus ’11

John and Betsy ’75 Pauzauskie

Anita Pawlush

Nola M. Pawol

Patrick Peddecord

Greg and Karen ’71 Perkins

Mr. Steve Peterson

Craig and Myra Pfannenstiel

Nicholas Pfeifer ’09

Judith Pinaire ’85

Doris Pitman-Unruh ’84 and Gary Unruh

Gail and Larry Pizzola

Pamela Polley

Susan ’80 and J. Michael ’80 Pool

Joan (Nicholas) Posch A’58, ’62

Mary and Robert ’91 Potter

Genelle ’71 and Richard Powell

Brett ’81 and Kelly ’82 Powers

Anita Pozsgay ’62

Cheryl and James ’79 Prange

Jason Prideaux ’05

Joanna ’14 and Nathan Pryor

Karel Putman ’87

Donna ’83 and William Quaney

Frances ’69 and Gene Quint

Roger ’98, ’03 and Barbara ’01 Ralls

Ellie Ramsey Dye ’63 and Pat Dye

Jerry Reece ’12

David Reed ’17

Noreen ’66 and Jack Reed

Marguerite Regan

Kathleen ’60 and Ralph Reida

Mary Ann and John Reinhardt

Nancy and Jeffery Renner

Sheri and Pedro ’78 Resa

Marlene Rethman

Ms. Wilma Reynolds

Jim Rheem ’71

Marguerite and Paul Rice

Mary ’93 and Joe Richardet

Gary ’71 and Geneva ’71 Richards

Margaret and Fred Ricks

Maida Rios Rivera ’60

Daniel Rivera ’09

Sherry ’64 and Bob Robben

Teresa ’82 and Kevin Robben

Debra and Rodger Roberts

G. Craig Robinson

Stanley and Constance ’65 Robinson

William Roche ’83

Pamela and David Roemeling

Margie Roetker ’00

A.C. and Barbara ’61 Rogers

Alvin Rohr

Melissa Romaneschi ’09

Cathy and Stephen ’83 Rorebeck

Elmer and Dolores ’64 Rottinghaus

Bridget ’47 and Richard Rowland

Shirley Rueb ’70

Patsy and John ’12 Ryan

Susan ’14 and Philip Ryan

Linda ’72, ’98 and Michael Sabala

Patricia Sabala A’65

Holly Sackhoff ’99

Felipe and Rita ’71 Salazar

Phil and JoAnn ’71 Sample

Mr. Tom Sanders

Bruce and Cathy Sanderson

Donna Sanders-Simpson ’10

Phyllis Santner

Wanda and Timothy ’16 Sartorius

Susan K ’72 and Gregory Saville

Mr and Mrs Douglas Scalard

Angela ’88 and Steffen Scheide

Cheryl and Michael Schmeidler

Norma and Kenneth Schmidt

Donna and Robert Schmisseur

Robert and Mary Schornick

Paula Schrag ’04

Phyllis and William Schreck

George and Viola Schuckman

Mary and Thomas ’87 Schulz

Lisa ’08 and Aaron Schwaiger

Jane and A.J. Schwartz

William Schwindt ’78

Barbara A’64 Scott-Brier and Stephen Brier

Carol and Patrick ’11 Searle

Judy Seiler ’88

Lois Seiwert ’66

Gwen and John Sevart

Rita and David ’99 Sevart

Paul and Dodie Seymour

Nina Shaw-Woody ’13

Lauren Shephard ’11

Bradley and Laura Lynne Sherard

Francis ’78 and Pattie Sheridan

Ann-Michelle and John Sherman

Sharon and Thomas Shine

Layne and Barbara ’94 Shirk

Margaret and Walt Shook

Mary and George Short

Mr. Phil Shrack

Dale ’09 and David (Hon) Shubert

Mr. Chris Shults

Christine Siefers ’91

Kimberly Silvernale-Wagner ’85 and Tim Wagner

Judith Simon A’66, ’70

LeAnn ’86 and Mark ’83 Simon

Randy ’72 and Colleen ’73 Simon

Swarnlata and Surendra Singh (Hon D)

Joan ’51A ’53 and Marvin Slagle

George and Mary Smith

Don and Virginia ’52 Sommerhauser

Cliff and Sonja A’58 Sones

David and Vivian ’75 Sooter

Sarah ’06 and Ryan Sperling

Brenda Stafford ’97

Mr. Stan Stallbaumer

Amanda Stanley ’08

Ms. Nadine Stannard

Andrew Stecklein ’07

LaDeana Steffen ’11

Coleen ’05 and Mike ’13 Stein

Geraldine Steiner ’75

Michael Steiner

Joan Steiner-Adler ’57

Tammy Steinert

Danielle M. Stephen

Janet and Brad Stephen

Carmen Stephens

Sara ’03 and Zack Steven

Pete ’82 and Debbie Stoll

Carol L. Straub

Victor ’91 and Patricia Straub

Marie ’65 and Walter Strayhorn

Lucille and Brian ’77 Strunk

Sherri Stuber-Charboneau ’95

Jean Stuchlik ’62

Clinton Stucky ’05

Diane ’77 and Fredrick Stump

Angela and Kevin ’80 Sutcliffe

Nicola Swan

Miquel Swann ’17

Crista Switzer ’12

Therese Symons ’93, ’00

Prakriti Tamrakar ’10 ’14

Vassil Tchokoev

Janet Terrones ’65

Ruth and Gary Thesing

Christine Thibaut ’01

Barbara and Carl ’67 Thimmesch

Malinda ’94 and Chad Thimmesch

Sandra and Lawrence Tholen

Georgia Thomas ’48

Pauline Tilson ’87

Cynthia ’82 and Bill Timmons

Kathy ’90 and Dave Tinsman

Melanie Tipping

Charlotte Tobias ’77

Liana M. ’70 and Raymond Torkelson

Mark and Lori Torline

Malina Traianova ’02

SMSgt. Charles Trapp and Mrs. June Trapp

Rachel Trotter ’13

Delores Trueblood ’61

Sharon Trujillo ’79

Joleen Tustin ’97

Kathryn and Leonard Utz

Nancy ’90 and Raymond Vail

John ’72 and Ann Valus

Theresa R. Vardiman

Michelle and Ronald Vause

John Veal ’78

William Veal ’71

Rebecca and Joe Verbeckmoes

Teresa Vetter

Mary Vrla-Mohr A’65, ’70 and Mark Mohr

David and Doris Waldron

Dwayne and Cathy ’59 Walker

Mike and Kathryn ’90 Wappelhorst

Janie ’00, ’04 and Jody Ward

Sarah ’07 and Ryan Waterson

Janet ’03 and Joel Watt

Carol ’78 and Robert Weaver

Dolores and Douglas ’94 Webb

Jessica Weber ’09

Alan and Vicki ’66 Weldon

Marilyn and Randall Wells

Helenruth ’45 and Ralph Welsby

David ’69 and Nina Wendling

Patty Weniger ’94

Therese and Michael ’82 Wescott

Al and Jean ’71 Wesley

Brian Wetta

Janice and Earl Wetta

Lynette and Daniel Wetta

Ruth ’64 and Louis Wetta

Susan Wetta

Margaret ’59 and Eugene Wetter

Sherry ’84 and Michael Wheeler

David Whipple ’89

Tamerah ’11 ’13 and Paul White

Anne and J. N. Wieland

Glenn ’90 and Melissa Wiens

Toni Wiggins

Teresa and Roger Wilkerson

Oscar H. Will

Marjorie and James Williams

Leslie Williamson

Sarah Wine

Brooke Winslow ’13

Debbie ’82 and Patrick ’91 Winter

Lauren and Brett Winter

Wanda and Herb Winter

Ms. Roberta Witte

Anne ’73 and Michael Wolf

Cindy and Michael Wolf

Louise ’68 and Leroy ’72 Wolf

Anne Woodward ’00

Mahala A’61 and Pat Woodward

Paula Wright ’70

Janice ’86 and John Wurth

Margaret Wurth ’76

Judith and William Wynne

Janice and Brad Yaeger

Gary Yost ’98 ’04

Donald ’71 and Cheryl ’99 Young

Mary Ann ’64 and Ron Youngers

Barbara Zagnoni A’57

Phyllis ’69 and Eugene Zeller

Curtis Zerr

Hans and Ruta ’58 Zimmerman

Nancy Zingale and William Flanigan

David ’78 and Sandra Zink

Companies, Foundations
and Organizations

Advanced Systems Basement & Foundation Repair Inc.

Alpha Iota Sorority Alumnae

Andale Ready Mix Central Inc.

Arensberg Optometry Inc.

Blessed Sacrament School

Catholic Charities

Citizens State Bank

Devaughn James LLC

Dynamic N/C LLC

EquiShare Credit Union

Face 4 Inc.

General Electric Foundation

GLMV Architecture

House of Schwan Inc.

IMA of Wichita

J & M Enterprises

KACRAO (KS Assoc of Collegiate Registrars & Admissions Ofc)

Kansas State Bank

Knights of Columbus


Lario Oil and Gas Co.

Lone Star Ventures LLC

Network For Good

One Gas Foundation Inc.

Partyline Liquor

S. Jim and Darla Farha Charitable Foundation Inc.

Sherwood Construction Co.

The Wichita Eagle

Zinta Inspired Language


(Hon) Honorary Alumnum

(Hon D) Honorary Doctorate