Gifts: July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016



($1,000,000 and Above)

Dana and Larry Fugate


($25,000 and Above)

Pucci Allen

Mickey Armstrong (Hon D)

Yolanda (Hon D) and Gene (Hon D) Camarena

Noreen Carrocci, PhD and Robert Benson

Marjorie Chance (Hon D)

Sarah and Nick ’73 Dondlinger

Rosalie (Hon D) and Robert (Hon D) Goebel

Donald Johnston

G. Lawrence Keller Jr. ’68 Family

Kathy (Hon D) and Patrick (Hon D) O’Shaughnessy

Theresa and Stanley Smeltzer

Lawrence and Carla Steckline

Reverend Thomas Welk (Hon) CPPS

Companies, Foundations and Organizations

Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Bob Bergkamp Construction Co Inc.

Catholic Diocese of Wichita

Dwane L. & Velma Lunt Wallace Charitable Foundation

Fred C & Mary R Koch Foundation

Goebel Family Star Lumber Charitable Foundation

I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation

James and Catherine Buck Charitable Trust

Kansas Department of Education

Kansas Health Foundation

Lattner Family Foundation

Paul S Bomberger Jr Foundation Inc.

Riverside Health Foundation

The Sunderland Foundation


($10,000 – $24,999)

Katherine ’66 and Frank DeBacker

Sue and Kenneth Doonan

Melissa ’82 and Bart ’83 Grelinger, MD

J.T. Klaus ’87, JD

Ann and Paul ’84 Konecny

Nicholas Mohr

Josephine O’Gorman CSJ

Maureen and James Robl

Ann and Dennis Ross

Janet and Scott Schwindaman

Rebecca and Sunny Smith

Marta and Stephen ’76 Williamson, MD

Companies, Foundations and Organizations

Archdiocese of Oklahoma City

Bicknell Family Foundation

Black Hills Corporation Foundation

Dondlinger Foundation, Inc.

Fidelity Bank Foundation

Great Western Dining Service, Inc.

K.T. Wiedemann Foundation Inc.

Legacy Bank

R. M. Gouldner Memorial Trust

S M & Laura H Brown Charitable Trust

South Central Sealing LLC


($1,000 – $9,999)

Anonymous Donor

Jan and Jerry Aaron

Elaine Aaron ’51 and Wayne Hemmen

Dorothy Adams AA ’37, ’61

Flossie and David Alexander

Sheila and William Chris ’85
Arensberg, OD

Lily and Tom Ashcom

Karen and Michael Austin

Teresa (Hon D) and Charles Bartels

Sharon and Clark Bastian

Helen Bergkamp

Reverend Ned Blick ’86

Karen and Andrew ’79 Bogner, PhD

Glenna and David ’01, ’11 Borho

Rene and Michael Brand

Susie and Bill Braun III

Dale and Michael Bukaty

Sherry and Anthony Catanese

Michelle and Joshua ’03 Chilson, JD

Kristen and John Clevenger

Valry Coltharp ’70

Diana Crook ’85, MD and Randall Crook

Krystal ’05 and Justin ’05 Crumley

Laura and Richard (Hon D)
Cummings, MD

Linda ’77 and Joseph Davison

Liz ’82 and Mike Di Silvestro

Nancy and Robert ’82 Diepenbrock

Jill and Thomas Docking

Vanessa ’05 and Raymond ’05 Dondlinger

Colleen and Thomas ’72 Dondlinger

Leslie Donovan Sr.

Barbara ’95 and Mark Dresselhaus

Nancy and Tad ’87 Druart

Christopher Dugan

Bettie (Hon D) and Paul (Hon D) Eck

Les and Pam Eck

Regine and Steven Feilmeier

Joan (Hon) and Frank Felts

Bernadette and Don ’07 Fetterolf

John Finn

Paul Foley Jr.

Karen and Robin Foley

Ann and Thomas (Hon) Foley, DDS

Jane French ’67

Jennifer and Brandon Gantz

Larry Gerber

Fr. Joseph Gile

Susan Giovanni ’88, DO and Bryson Butts

Kathrine Girrens ’96, MD and Carter Girrens

Martha ’88 and Michael Grant

Darin Greseth

Barbara ’70 and John ’70 Gunter, JD

Louise and John Hall

Mary and Bruce Hall

Margaret and Patrick Healy, MD

Michael Heaston

Robbi ’75 and C. Laurence (Hon)
Heck, PhD

Monsignor Robert Hemberger

Sheryl Hemmen ’91, MD and Steven Albert

Carol and Kenneth Hertel

Amy and Mark ’90 Hilger, MD

Jan Hiser ’81

Hope Hofmann

Jack Hollingsworth, DDS

Elizabeth ’79 and Morris ’80 Hund, MD

Margaret ’81 and Kent Johnson

Veronica ’82 and J.V. ’82 Johnston

Patricia and James Kastens

Jodi and Doug Kirkland

Patricia and Edward Koehler

Jenny and Jeff Korsmo

Mary Alice and Virgil Lair

Reverend John P. Lanzrath

Mary and Ralph Lanzrath

Ellen ’81 and Edward ’80 Leis, MD

Carol and James Loeffler

Carmella ’79 and Michael ’78 (Hon D) ’99 Ludlow, MD

Anthony and Maureen Luk

Jean and Arturo ’74 Macias, CPA

Richard Macias ’80, JD

Deborah and James ’81 Macias, PhD

Anthony Madrigal

Anne and Thomas ’76 Malone, JD

Judy ’66 and John Marstall

Denise and Shawn ’82 McDonald, OD

Father Ben Meyer

Mark ’80 and Laurie Milton

Mary and Fred Muck

Angela ’82 and Ronald ’80 Nagy

Tammie Nelson ’88, MD

Sharon ’89 and Greg Niemann

Rick ’75 and Janet Nuckolls

Diane Orth-Baalmann ’78, MD and Mike Baalmann

Kathryn ’81, ’88 and Stephen (Hon) Palubicki

Bill and Traci Pickert

Catherine ’78 Powers, MD and
William ’78 Powers

Freda and John ’76 Pyles, MD

Kirk Pytlinski ’73

Noreen ’66 and Jack Reed

Vera and Steve Robl

Liz and Michael Rodee

Marsha and Barry ’72 Rudy

Karen and David ’76 Schmeidler, MD

Judy Schreiber

Kenneth Schuckman ’76

Deborah Schumaker ’79

Tracy Shaw and Prasenjeet Chaudhuri

Reverend Michael Simone

Anne ’79 and Robert ’83 Simpson

Sheryl Stanley

Shelly ’95 and Kyle Steadman

Angela and Kevin ’80 Sutcliffe

JoAnn ’56 and Sylvester Temaat

Barbara ’80 and Ralph ’80 Thiergart

Joseph Todd ’01

Virginia and Paul Treadwell

Kathryn ’14 and Victor ’11 Trilli

Lori and Mark ’74 Troilo, DDS

Joyce ’61 and Kenneth Tse

Mary Lu Tuthill ’63

Kathryn and Leonard Utz

Nancy ’90 and Raymond Vail

Ann and John ’72 Valus

Jacqueline Vietti, PhD

Elaine M. Vitello, PhD

Tracey and Ben Voegeli

Kathy and James Vosburgh

Carol ’78 and Robert Weaver

Jane and Tom Weilert

Helenruth ’45 and Ralph Welsby

Dana Winkler

Joy and Patrick ’74 Wolf, MD

Curtis Zerr

Companies, Foundations and Organizations

4TK, Inc.

ABC Discount Wine & Liquor

Advanced Orthopaedic Associates P.A.

Berry Companies, Inc.

BG Products, Inc.


BlueCross BlueShield of KS Foundation

Boyer Educational Trust

C.E. Machine Company, Inc.

Catholic Diocese of Dodge City

Central States Capital Markets LLC

City of Wichita

Commerce Bank

Don D. Rutherford & Sons, Inc.

Dondlinger & Sons Const., Inc.

Doonan Truck & Equipment

Envision, Inc.

Equity Bank

Fidelity Bank

Fran Jabara Family Foundation Inc.

Hadley Development, LLC

IMA of Wichita

Johnston’s Charitable Foundation

J.R. Custom Metal Products

Kansas Independent College Fund

LDF Sales & Distributing Inc.

Les Donovan Campaign Committee

Light Agency Inc.

Marketplace Properties LLC

Mel Hambelton Ford, Inc.

Midwest Single Source, Inc.

Mommy’s Helper, Inc.

Naftzger Fund for Fine Arts

NuStar Foundation

Professional Engineering
Consultants, P.A.

Reddi Industries, Inc.

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Simmons Bank

Simpson Construction Services, Inc.

South Central Kansas Library System

Southwest Paper Co.

TCK Trust Company

The Boeing Company

The Klenda Foundation

Triplett Woolf & Garretson LLC

U.S.A. Wrestling-Kansas, Inc.

Victor Murdock Foundation

Wichita Community Foundation


($999 and Below)

Jeannette and Herbert Abts

Eileen Adams ’87

Debra and Antonio ’96 Alba

Jonathan Albers ’03

Willie Albert Jr. ’80

Jane ’88 and Michael Alderson

Renee ’11 and Jarod Allerheiligen

Laurie Alloway ’96

Julie Almaguer

Donette Alonzo, ASC ’88

Dennis Ambroske

Dorothy and Darryl Ammons

Tinese and Greggory Ammons

Jane Angle

Laverne and Donald Angotti, MD

Mary Ann ’63, ’83 and James ’79 Annuschat

Tami Applegate

Don and Tamara Arnold

Jan and Ken Arnold

Sandra and Joseph ’89 Ast

Shella and John Augspurger

Nancy and Raymond Ayers

Patti and Richard Ayesh

Emily and Kent Baalman

Sandi and Dale Baalman

Rebecca and Francis ’05 Baalmann, JD

Shirley Baker ’94

Mary Baker-Palmgren ’65

Mitzi Bales ’90, MD

Randall Balk

Carla Barber ’96

Phyllis Barnett ’00

Joyce and Dan ’73 Barry

Carol and Al Bartelloni

Julie Bartels Smith

Melissa and Timothy Barton

Shawn ’06 and Bob Batman

Tamara ’07 and Vincent Bauer

Sarah and Brian ’06 Baxter

Amy and Dave ’84 Beier

Johnnie Bell

Joan ’73 and Larry Bell

Sherry and Mark Bell

Crystal Bell

Asha and Timothy ’05 Belsan, JD

Linda and Roger Bennett

Barbara ’66 and Ken Beran

Julie Bergkamp ’93, ’04

Joseph Beyrle ’87

Kristie and Pat Biddle

Jackie ’83 and Sam ’83 Biedron

Angeline Biggs ’64

Marguerite Birzer A’57, ’62

Marcella Birzer ’66

Patricia Bissing ’65 and Gerry Schnittker

Brian Black

Patricia Blaine ’65, PhD

L. Susan Blanchat-Kelly ’95

Mary ’04 and Nate Blasi

Dolores ’60 and Paul Blasi

Michael Boos

Nan Boos

Jared and Monica Borger

Mitchell Born

Shirley Born Qualls ’60 and Eugene Qualls

Susan Bowers

Jennifer ’07 ’16 and Quinn ’06 Bowman

Nancy Bradley ’84

Catherine Brady ’44

Timothy Brady ’87

Janna Braithwait

Mary Brasseaux

Wilma Braun

Deborah and James Braun

Andrea Braun ’11

Kelsey and Brandon ’10 Brigham

Mary Ann and Dennis ’82 Brightwell

Penny Brittain

Albert and Rosemary ’59 Bronder

Patty and Wesley ’03 Brooks

Frederick Brown Jr. ’73

Linus Brungardt

Krista ’75 and Steven Bryant

Janet and Bernard Buedden

Melanie and Ed Bugner

Ruth ’85 and Darran Bugner

Marilyn ’77 and Robert Bundy

Grace ’11 and Henry Buresh

Rose Ann ’68 and Gerald Burkhart

Kathy and Michael Burrus

Cynthia and Peter Burton

Phyllis Burton

Melissa Burton ’00

Scott Burton

Ruth ’94 and Jim Busch

Marilyn ’56 and Roger Caldwell

Jeannine Call ’51

Morgan Calvert

Jami and Michael Calvert

Chelsie Calvert

Kerri ’86 and J.D. ’86 Campbell

Elaine and Brian Campbell

Melody Campbell

Joanne ’66 and Louis Campola

Lisa Capps

Julie and Jerry Carley

Gayla and Daniel Carney

Eileen ’73 and Paul ’72 Carney

Dianne ’75 and John ’75 Carney

Mary Carrillo ’10

Joan Carter

Janet Cervantes

Marcella Chambers ’56

Mary ’61 and Robert Charles

Gregory Chase

Kathern ’11 and Joseph Chisham

Margaret and Thomas Church

Richard Ciemny

Ellen Clark

Eileen and Roland Clark

Donna Clemons ’95

Judith ’70 and Michael ’71 Clifford

Paul Clolery

Reverend Frank Coady

Jackie and Robert ’08 Coats

Erma Coffey

Catherine and Jerry Cohlmia, MD

Donna ’65 and Bill Collazo

Bernard Collins

Stephanie ’85 and Thomas Conkright

Naola Conner ’49

Irene ’51 and Dick Cooper

Jill and B. Lee (Hon D) Cooper

Sharla and Kem Cooper

Merri and Samuel ’81 Copeland

Cindy Corn

Diane and Fred (Hon) Corner

Cathy ’65 and Neil Coward

Susan Crane-Laracuente and Sonny Laracuente ’12

Jeff Cross

Janet ’16 and Kevin Crouch

Blaine Crouch

Dallas Crouch

Sara ’07 and Larry ’06 Crow, JD

Dolores and Charles Crum

Sarah ’86 ’90 ’15 Cundiff

Nancy Curtis

Audrey Curtis Hane and Scott Hane

Nancy ’10 and Eric Dahlinger

Patricia and Michael ’70 Dalton

Joseph Dandurand ’71

Martha Dandurand ’61

Patricia ’78 and Adolph ’76 D’Angelo

Susanne Daniels, CSJ ’81

Michele ’76 and Jack Dausman

Dolores and Jerry ’76 David

Brian Davis

John Davis

Robert Davis

Robert Dean

Stephanie Dean ’65

Jared Dechant

Nancy and David ’87 Denny

Tyson Denton ’05

Tom Depperschmidt

Mary Ann ’57 and James Deskins

Rita and James Determan

Margaret Anne ’82 and Carl Detmer, DDS

Ruth Deuschle ’48

Dorothy ’53 and Frank Devine

Aric DeYoung ’02

Edward Deyoung

Margaret Di Silvestro ’11, JD

Aubry ’01 and Jason Dieter

Bryan Dietrich ’16

Richard and Kim Dinkel

Angela Ditommaso and Kiehl Rathbun

Sylvia Orozco-Do and Patrick Do, MD

Brenda Dold ’95

Virginia Dold ’64

Catherine Dondlinger ’70 and Jane Paris

Mike Donovan

Roseann and Robert Dool

Martha ’74 and Larry ’73 Dostert

Sebastian Dowd ’11

Alice Doyle-Lindemuth

Karen ’99 and Dan Drake

Richard Drendel ’03

Georgia ’10 ’12 and Chris Drewes

Kelly ’85 and Glenn ’85 Dugan

Karen Dullea ’67

Rachel Duncan ’91, MD and Woodrow Duncan

Steven Dunn

M. Jane Eaves

Patricia Ebenkamp ’66

Kathy and John Eck

Joyce ’53 and George Eck

Timothy Eckberg ’76

Jeanette Eddy-Hernandez

Melissa ’05 and Patrick A ’07
Edwards, JD

Lynn and Joe ’83 Edwards

Jenni and Zane ’07 ’12 Ehling

Deana Eichacker ’08

Carolyn Elder ’67

Alfreda Elliott ’53

Amelia ’75 and William Ellison

Sandra and Joseph ’87 Elmore

Rose ’51 and Vincent Elpers

Moreen and Robert ’85 Emery

Vanessa Emming ’07, DVM

Krista Endsley

Pamela and Wylie ’67 Ernatt

Mary ’90 and Robert Ernst

Janice and Levi Esses

Danielle ’04 and Michael Evancho

Marcia and William Evans

Elvera ’55 and Jerome Ewald

John Exline

Joan ’54 and Ralph Falce

S. Jim Farha, MD

Josephine Feliciano ’05

Karoline and Christopher Felts

Pat and Ron Ferreri

Karen ’69 and Alfred Ferruolo

Nadine ’49 and Bruce Fickle

Linda Fields

Jean and Mark Finch

Debbie and Robert Flax

Anita Fleming

Mary and Morris Floyd

Fr. John Fogliasso

Barbie and David (Hon) Foley, DDS

Johanna ’69 and James Forshee

Gerald Fournier ’90

Ann ’81 ’01 and Mark ’78 Fox

Ted Fox

Molly Fox ’10

Nancy and Max Frazier

Virginia  Freeman ’66

Rebecca ’65 and Daniel Freund

Mary Joseph Freund, OCD ’57

Marilyn Fuchs ’67

Christa and Dempsie ’82 Fuqua

Naomi ’56 and Fredrick Gamer

Jo Ann Gampper ’58 and

Kim and Victor ’03 Garcia-Bebek

Carol and Robert Garner

Tonya and Justin Garretson

Karen ’83 and Gregory ’81 Gawlik

Cynthia and Todd Geiman

Most Rev. Eugene Gerber (Hon D)

Frances German

Michelle Giammasi

Robert Giebler

Margaret Giefer ’61

Melissa Gilbert

Melissa ’11 and Cole ’12 Gillenwater, MD

Amy ’98 and Terry ’05 Gilman

Christine and Daniel ’96 Giroux, JD

Marilyn Glynn

Rosella ’78 and Arthur Goering

Cheryl Golden

Amanda Gonzalez ’96

Glinda Gonzalez

Kay ’63 and Leroy Goodknight

Mark Graber

James Graf

Tamara ’98 and Mark Gray

Jeanette ’63 and Charles Green

Shirley ’79 and Richard ’98 Greene

Jennifer Green-Miracle ’88 and Kent Miracle

Beverly ’63 and Morris Greenwood

Norma Greever

Marcey Gregory

William Gress

Linda and Jim Griffin

Marge ’60 and Paul Gruenbacher

Laura and Jeff Gruenbacher

Margaret Grunning ’48

Mary and Roger ’93 Gunsell

Jerryanne and Robert Hadley

Sharon and James Hagan

Erin and Glen ’98 Hageman

Rhonda and Richard Hageman

Kathy Hagen

Robert Haggard

Patricia ’64 and A. Hainline

Charles Hale ’05

Lindsey Hall

Gina Hall

Rita ’47 and Calvin Hall

Kathryn Hallacy ’95

Susanne Hamker ’71

Della and Von Hampton

Colleen ’79 and Kent Hampton

Renee and Patrick ’11 Hanrahan

Steven Harader ’08

Vanessa ’02 and Steve Harshberger

Eric Hartenstein

Kathy and Patrick ’76 Harter

Camilla ’70 and Robert Hartman

Diane and Robert Harton

Stacy and Charles Harvey

Kristi and Tad Hatfield

Emilie and Paul Hatton

Catherine Hattrup ’44

Deborah and Larry Haynes

Diane Healy ’71

Lois Heart ’65

Jo ’65 and Larry Heasty

Marilyn and Alan Heath

Gloria Hegge

Renee Hein ’02, PhD and Adam Hein

Marilyn ’68 and Hein

Jean ’65 and Charles Hein

Kenneth Heithaus

Julie and Clayton ’92 Helms

Dorothy ’65 and Ronald Helten

Vicki ’65 and Clyde Helton

David Hemken ’74

Linda and Dennis† ’73 Hemken

Donald Henderson

Katina and Kenneth ’11 Herrig

Mary Hertach ’96

Linda and Conrad Hewitt

Kim and Steven ’11 Hieger

Carol High

Geraldine Hilger ’65

Kimberly ’87 and Brian Hillard

Bonnie Hiller ’60

Tina ’86 and Larry Hoetmer

Rhonda and Donald Hogan

Jana ’90 and Bob Holder

Marjorie and Wilfred Hommertzheim

Carolann ’66 and Gene Hoppe

Janice A’57, ’64 and Ron Hornung

Traci ’98 and Jacob ’03 House

Jacquelin House ’00

Elizabeth and Derral Howard

Margaret and Gregory Howard

Sally and David Hufford

Kenneth Hughes

Haley Hungate ’15

Suzanne ’64 and Michael Hunter

Becky Hurtig

Amy ’06 and Ryan ’07 Huschka

Gladie ’68 and Mike Irwin

Phyllis ’65 and Larry James

Shana Jarmer ’00, MD and Jason Camblin

Debbie Jenning

Mark Jenning

Mary Jessen ’90

Cynthia ’65 and Lawrence Jesseph

Lorraine ’69 and Christopher Jeter

Vickie and Joe Johnson

Regina and Jerry Johnson

Lewis Jones

Grant Jones

Rita ’77 and Daniel Jones

Debra ’85 and Mark Jones

Mary Jones ’84

Mary and Dennis Jones

Carol ’59 and Paul Junk

Gial Kaegi ’67

Janet ’61 and Stephen Kaiser

Laura and Christopher Kammeyer

Bonny and James Keene

Donna ’54 and Eldon Keil

Janet and Rick Kellerman, MD

John Kennedy ’11

Joseph Kenneson ’16

Jamie and Timothy Kerr

Richard Kilgore ’11

Lori and Craig ’81 Kilian

Geraldine Killeen ’69

Mary ’65 and Dave Kirkbride

Margaret Kithinji

Kathleen ’67 and James Klenke

Mary Klinge ’63

Grant Klise

Ron Knackstedt

Melissa and Blaine Knott

Kelli Knox

Mary ’81 and Douglas Kohls

Richard Koll

Kristie and Andrew Kovar

Lois ’74 and George ’72 Kreidler

Vera ’69 and Dennis Krueger

Colene Kruse ’54

Luke Kumberg

Elizabeth ’87 and Brian Kupfersmith

Laurie and Carlos Labarca

Bonnie and Raleigh ’78 Lackey

Grace ’65 and Larry Lafferty

Cindy and Joe Lafleur

Thomas Larocque ’10

Ellen ’73 and David ’71 Larson

Ann Lassen

Gina and Tim Lauer

Glenda and Gerald Laures

Mary and John Layton

Cuong Le ’16

Patricia ’63 and Michael Lechtenberg

Carla Lee

Kim Lee

Christian Lehr

Chris Leigh

Marilyn Leiker

Erin Lemons

Sandy and Aaron Lessor

Maribeth ’76 and Robert ’74 Lester

Terrie Lewis ’71

Karla and John ’83 Lies, DDS

Martha Linsner

Joan ’88 and Jeffrey ’88 Lipp

Barbara Lisenby

Teri Lisenby-Butts and Howard Butts

Matt List

Rita Logan

Rhonda and Gregory ’81 Lohkamp

Patricia ’80 and Donald Long

Kirk Longhofer

Jeff and Susie Longwell

Luis Lopez

Phillip Lovchik

Betty Lovett

Mary Lubbers ’89

David Luding

Judith and John Luding

Penny and Joseph Luding

John Ludlow Jr.

Keesha ’06 and Michael ’08 Ludlow

Nancy Lugo-Baez ’94

Ashlee Lusch

Sarah ’10 and Mark Lynch

Jean and Michael Magyar

Lois Maickel ’55

B.A. Maier

Sheila ’77, JD and John Maksimowicz

Shirley Mallot A’59 ’64

Mary and Larry ’98 Malone

Jeanne ’69 and Dan ’68 Malone

Kevin Mangayi ’03, ’06

Marguerite ’57 and Richard Mangen

Sharon ’76 and Patrick ’75 Manion

Rose Ann Mann ’63

Susan Mann ’65

Alice and Mark Mannette

Pamela and Louis ’78 ’93 Mans

Teresa ’14 and Richard ’72 Marney

Melody and Robert ’83 Martin, MD

Rosemary ’73 and Roland ’73 Martin

Michelle ’97 and Douglas Martin

Pamela and Rodney Martin

Pauline Martin ’67

Pauline Martin ’93

Gina and Terry Marx

Jill Masters

Meg Masterson

Sharon Mathis ’86

Lynn and Karl Matsler

Carmen and Charles ’83 Matteson

Tressie ’95 and Chad Maugans

Paulette and Vernon ’73 May

Cleo and James Mazza

Christy and Mark Mazza

Michael McCall ’74

Shawn and Thomas ’82 McCarthy, OD

Lois McClelland

Evan McCory

Cathy McCullough

Tracy and Kevin McGarey

Keith McGee ’80

Patrick McGinley

Ella Mae McGuire

Marijane and Rex ’84 McKinney

Laura ’84 and Kurt McMillan

Lauren McQuade

Charles Meher

Judy and Dominick ’71 Mele

Joan ’75 and Robert Melzer

Ethan Menke ’14

Ruth Menzer ’63

Margaret and Donald Merrigan

Kathy and Stanley Messner

Marie ’81 and Brian Methe

Kathleen Meyer ’63

Colleen and Edwin Mikesell

Cindy ’09 and Mark Miles

Melanie and James Miller

Sylvia and Larry Miller

Anna and Eugene Miller

Colleen and Richard Miller

Marlo Miller

Margaret and Donald ’76 Moe, MD

Rose Mary and Bernard Mohr

Judy and Don Moler

Jennifer and Andrew Monaghan

Bianca ’06 and Cory ’06 Montagnino- Simmons

Joan and Mike Montana

Emily ’04 and Manuel Montenegro

Kelley Moore

Pauline Moore

Patricia and Curtis Moore

Dena and John Moragues

Elaine and Gary ’68 Mulcahy

Nancy and Kevin Mullen

Don Munson

Billy Murphy

Candace and Daniel Murphy

Kalli ’06 ’13 and Tim Nance

Deborah ’89 and Craig Neal

Martha and Robert Neidhart

Ginny ’65 and Robin Nelson

Nikki ’61 and Walt Nelson

Dennis Newell ’77

Rosemary Niedens (Hon)

Susan ’94, ’97 and Tim ’96 Norton

Delphine and Lee Norton

Karen and Kent Notestine

Barbara and Dennis Noyes

Linda Nugent

Alan Oberley

Ruth and Richard Oliverson

Janett and Joseph ’72 O’Malley

Richard and Sharon and Corey O’Neal

Kent O’Neal ’01

Joan Opinante A’57, ’61

Leona O’Reilly ’64

Renee and John Osborne

Bernadine ’51 and Donald Overman

Doris and Kenneth Owens

Patricia Owens, ASC ’74

Aubree Pacheco ’99

Jamie Page ’00, MD and Seth
Page ’00, MD

Lindsay Pahls ’11, PA and Adam Pahls

Marjorie ’72 and Virgil Palmer

Martin Park

Chandra Passannante

Anthony Passannante

Perrine ’64 and Max Patrick

Kay and James Pattinson

Tad Patton

Karin ’93 and Brent Paul

Dian ’78 and Timothy Pauly, MD

Amy and Jim Pavlacka

Rosemary ’68 and Charles Pawloski

Patrick Peddecord

Reverend Michael Peltzer ’75

Carol and Don Pennington

Karen ’71 and Greg Perkins

Mary Peters ’70 and Philip
McMahon, PhD

Suzanne and Mark Peterson

Lana and Kevin Peterson

Susan Peters-Snyder and Robert Snyder

Linda and Bill Pettit

Elizabeth Peuchen ’14

Nicholas Pfeifer ’09

Uy Phi ’11

Evelyn Pilgrim

Darlene and Pat Pilgrim

Cheryl and Michael Pilgrim

Mandy ’98 and John Pilla

Doris Pitman-Unruh ’84 and Gary Unruh

Gail Pizzola, PhD and Larry Pizzola

Pamela Polley

Susan ’80 and J. Michael ’80 Pool

Joan Posch A’58, ’62

Mary and Robert ’91 Potter

Nanette and Mark ’86 Potter

Genelle ’71 and Richard Powell

Kelly ’82 and Brett ’81 Powers

Lars Powers

Anita Pozsgay ’62

Cheryl and James ’79 Prange

Karel Putman ’87

Marilee ’56 and Ray Quackenbush

Donna ’83 and William Quaney

Laura ’04 and Michael ’99 ’02 Quick

Angelita ’57 and Rodney Quincy

Patricia Quinn

Barbara ’01 and Roger ’98, ’03 Ralls

Ellie Ramsey Dye ’63 and Pat Dye

Lorita Rector

Jerry Reece ’12

Marguerite Regan

Mary Ann and John Reinhardt

Jenni and Brandon ’07 ’10 Relph

Sheri and Pedro ’78 Resa

Mary ’93 and Joe Richardet

Dana Riffel

Maida Rios Rivera ’60

Rhonda and Rod Ristow

Lorraine ’99 and Charles Rivas

Debra and Rodger Roberts

Constance ’65 and Stanley Robinson

Janet and David Robl, MD

Mary ’65 and Joseph Roccasalva

Autumn and Keith Roecker

Alvin Rohr

Charlotte Rohrbach, ASC ’62

Jeremy Rosell ’00

Jeannette and Patrick ’69 Roths

Dolores ’64 and Elmer Rottinghaus

W. T. Routon

Diane ’62 and Gill Roybal

Connie and Tom Rudd

Patricia Rudy-Baese ’65

Shirley Rueb ’70

Virginia ’65 and Gary Ruedebusch

Cheryl and Seth Rundle

Kyra and William ’08 Rutherford

Paige and Trent Ryan

Elizabeth and Hakim Saadi

Michael and Linda ’72, ’98 Sabala

Patricia Sabala ’65

Loretta Sadler

Maria Saenz-Rodriguez ’76

Rachel ’03 and Mahdi Saket Kashani

JoAnn ’71 and Phil Sample

Sonya Santiago

Phyllis Santner

Jennifer and Melvin Sauer

Andrea and Jim Scarpelli

Amy and Clark Schafer

Angela ’88 and Steffen Scheide

Karla and Michael Scherer

Margie and Charles Schieber

Becky and Robert Schippers

Cheryl and Michael Schmeidler

Joe Schmit

Viola and George Schuckman

Alan Schuckman

Alice Schulte ’61

Steven Schwartz ’78, OD

William Schwindt ’78

Allison ’11, DPT and Blake Scott

Jeana and Randy Scott

Anna and Louis Seidl

Frances Seidl ’74

Donald Seifert

Stephanie Seiler ’05, MD

Joan ’66 and Vincent Seiler

Judy Seiler ’88

Penny and Alan Seiwert

Lois Seiwert ’66

Debra and David Sexton

Dodie and Paul Seymour

Tamra and Brian ’88 Shaw

Jon Shaw

Monte Shaw

Justin Shelby

Laura Lynne and Bradley Sherard

Pattie and Francis ’78 Sheridan

Sharon and Thomas Shine

Patricia ’51 and Charles Shipley

Denver Shipman ’11

Mercedes and Todd Shoemaker

Mary and George Short

Dale ’09 and David (Hon) Shubert

Bridget and Cory Shue

Erin Shy

Christine Siefers ’91

Angela Siefkes

Kimberly Silvernale-Wagner ’85 and
Tim Wagner

Colleen ’73 and Randy ’72 Simon

Amanda ’97 and Chuck Simons

Shirley Singer

Cherly and William Singsank

Vicki and James ’71 Skahan

Anthony Slaughter ’99

Mary and George Smith III

Jill Smith ’10

Marcia ’68 and Rex Smith

Gregory Smith ’72

Wayne B. Smith

Pamela Smith ’65

Martha ’92, ’01 and Carl Smith

Dan Spence

Craig Splan

Scott Springer

Chris Squires

Amanda Stanley ’08, JD

Andrew Stecklein ’07

Rebecca and Gregory Steckline

Lorraine and Randal Steiner

Geraldine Steiner ’75

Angela and Luke Stephen

Janet and Brad Stephen

Carmen Stephens

Shari Stephens ’12

Rebecca and Dale Steven

Sara ’03 and Zack Steven

Scott Stevens

Cooper Stewart ’11, MD

Anne Stockemer ’45

Debbie and Pete ’82 Stoll

Sarah and Mark ’77 Stolz

Thomas Stoneham

Frances ’67 and James Stover

Leasha Strang ’11

Patricia and Victor ’91 Straub

Sandra and Dwayne Streetman

Katie ’08 and Jason ’08 Streit, PhD

Cecilia Stremel, OP ’65

Julie and Scott Stremel

Laurelann and Darrell Stroda

Renee Strotkamp

Janet and Daniel ’76 Strunk

Clinton Stucky ’05

Diane ’77 and Fredrick Stump

Sarah and Brian Suellentrop

Laura and Frank Suellentrop

Teresa and James Sullivan

Karen Swanson

Diana Szambecki ’65

Katie and Anthony ’03 Tamburro

Prakriti Tamrakar ’10

Kim and Arthur Taylor

Ines ’91 and William Taylor

Elizabeth ’65 and Frank Tejeda

Mary Templeton ’70

Doris ’48 and Leroy Ternes

Janet Terrones ’65

Erin Teter

Ruth and Gary Thesing

Denice ’81 and Andre ’82 Thibault, DDS

Lisa and Gerald ’81 Thimmesch, CPA

Carl Thimmesch ’67

Malinda ’94 and Chad Thimmesch

Sandra and Lawrence Tholen

Nick Thomas

Pamela and R.K. Thomason

Joseph Thompson ’91

Pamela and Kenneth Thompson

Gerry Thompson (Hon)

Karen and Robert Thurman

Pauline Tilson ’87

Cynthia ’82 and Bill Timmons

Kathy ’90 and Dave Tinsman

Edward Toon ’80

Liana ’70 and Raymond Torkelson

Donna and Don ’84 Travis

Sharon Trujillo ’79

Stephanie ’83 and Darry Truman

Myrna and David Tucker

Troy Turner

Suzanne Ungles

Candice ’06 and Eric Urban

Marian Ure ’93

Eric Vail

Curtis Varrs

William Veal ’71

Deana Veges and Melad Stephan

Denise ’77 and Anthony Veith

Mike Ventura

Rebecca and Joe Verbeckmoes

Larry Vernon

Joyce and Francis Vestering

Teresa Vetter

Randy Vickers

Kimberly and Monte ’78 Vines, JD

Belinda and Jose Vitolas

James Voegeli

Mary Vrla-Mohr ’70 and Mark Mohr

Kim and Jerry Wagner

Charlotte and George Walden

Jim Walker

Christina ’88 and Alec Walterscheid

Sharada ’00 and Jody Ward

Joyce ’73 and Ware

Cathy and Wayne Warfel

Linda Wasinger ’65

Kristen and Brett Wasinger

Elizabeth ’65 and Ronald Waska

Sarah ’07 and Ryan Waterson

Kelly Watkins

Dolores and Douglas ’94 Webb

Michelle Weibel

Margaret Weilert ’65, PhD

Alan and Vicki ’66 Weldon

Connie ’84 and Mark ’83
Wellemeyer, MD

Christine and Blake Wells

Marilyn and Randall Wells

Patty Weniger ’94

Theresa Weninger ’13

Kathy and Perry Wenzel

Therese and Michael ’82 Wescott

Carla ’66 and Richard Wesson

Janice and Earl Wetta

Ruth ’64 and Louis Wetta

Therese Wetta, ASC ’64 (Hon D) ’08

Margaret ’59 and Eugene Wetter

Shasta and Doug Wewe

Glen Wheeler

Deann ’82 and Kenneth White

Tamerah ’11 ’13 and Paul White

Jane Wickett ’75

Betty Widdows ’61

Shirley ’75 and Mark Wiebe

Merita and James Wiesen

Carol and Roger ’78 Wiggett

Alice ’85 ’12 (Hon D) and
Dale (Hon D) Wiggins

Toni Wiggins

Teresa and Roger Wilkerson

Gail Williams

Larry Williams

Tron and Brian Williamson

Ann Wilson

Jacqueline and Steven ’81 Wilson

Erica ’10 and Josh ’06 Wiltshire

Janet and Robert ’89 Wine

Claudia and Larry Winkler

Debbie ’82 and Patrick ’91 Winter

Barbara and Howard Witham

Louise ’68 and Leroy ’72 Wolf

Sheri Wolfe

Judy Wondra

Pat and Mahala ’61 Woodward

Anne Woodward ’00

Paula Wright ’70

Margaret Wurth ’76

Lisa ’87 and Russell Wyatt

Janice and Brad Yaeger

Donald Yakshaw ’64

Kelly Yarbro ’81

Reverend Patrick York

Mike Yost

Gary Yost ’98 ’04

Kendra Young ’09

Meredith Young

Mary Ann ’64 and Ron Youngers

Trish and Darrell Youngman

Marg ’68 and Leonard Zarchan

Yangchen ’00 and Maciej Zawadzki

Becky Zeiner

Phyllis ’69 and Eugene Zeller

Ruta ’58 and Hans Zimmerman

Nancy Zingale and William Flanigan

Sandra and Jeffrey Zingo

Sandra and David ’78 Zink

Tim Zoglman

Marilyn Zoglman

Katherine Zumbrunn ’07

Companies, Foundations and Organizations

Alloya Corp Federal Credit Union

Apartment Association of Greater Wichita

Bell Carpet & Floors

Bever Dye Foundation

Black Hills Energy

Butler Community College

Catholic Charities

Catholic Family Federal Credit Union

Chevron Matching Employee Funds

City Of Wichita Dept Of Law

Clifford J. Miller Agency LLC

ConocoPhilips Gift Matching Program

Consolidated Electrical Distributors Inc.

Copp Media Services, Inc.

D & D Ventures LLC

D & M Shops Inc.

EquiShare Credit Union

Foulston Siefkin LLP

General Electric Foundation

GLMV Architecture

Greater Wichita Sports Commission

Husker Rehabilitation & Wellness Centers

IBM Corporation

Investment Resources Corporation

Johnnie Bell Properties

Key Management Company

Lario Oil and Gas Company

Magnate Enterprises LLC

Maple Nails-Hair Doo

Mark T. Peddecord Revocable Trust

Martin Pringle Oliver Wallace &
Bauer LLP

Mid American Credit Union

Midamerica Anesthesia
Professionals LLC

Mike Bell Properties

Murphy Oil Corporation

Occidental Petroleum Corporation

Orix Foundation

R.D. Energy, Inc.

S. Jim and Darla Farha Charitable Foundation, Inc.

SHA 1965 Class

Sparks Clinic

St. Paul’s Lutheran School

Team Electric Supply Inc.c


The Humidor & Lounge #1, LLC

The Merck Foundation

Thomson Reuters

USD 268 Cheney

Village Tours & Travel

Wade Wheeler Agency

West Wichita Family Physicians, P.A.

Wichita State University

Wichita Surgical Specialists, P.A.

Yuma School of Beauty LLC