Gifts to the Newman Fund can truly make a difference


For anyone looking to truly make a difference in the lives of Newman University students, there is a simple and effective way to help now and for years to come – the Newman Fund.

The Newman Fund helps support the heart of the Newman University experience and is a vitally important source of funding for the university’s ongoing needs. One of the main goals of the fund is to provide scholarships and financial aid so that all deserving students have the opportunity to attend Newman University.

In that respect, gifts to the Newman Fund are more than donations; they are investments in today’s students – and tomorrow’s leaders.

This year’s goal for the Newman Fund is $525,000, and Newman officials are now actively seeking support. They note, however, that it is not merely the amount individuals give, but their involvement that counts.

“Whether you can give $10, $100, $1,000 or more, participation is the key in helping us provide necessary services and support to Newman students,” said Director of Annual Fund Chelsea Whipple. “Contributors to the Newman Fund help maintain the day-to-day excellence of the university – and make a difference in every aspect of our students’ lives.”

Look for these upcoming events to help support the Newman Fund:

Fall Phonathon: Now through Nov. 16
Holiday Appeal: November
Holiday E-mails: December
Spring Phonathon: Feb. 1-March 1, 2013
Spring Appeal: May 2013
Spring E-mail: June 2013

To make a gift or for more information, contact Chelsea Whipple at 316-942-4291, ext. 2445 or e-mail [email protected].