Graduate Students Can Gain Leadership Training, Certificate


A partnership between Newman University and the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) is providing graduate students with a competitive advantage.

Associate Professor of Marketing Wendy Munday, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Marketing Wendy Munday, Ed.D.

Students enrolled in the Newman MBA or Master’s in Educational Leadership programs may now gain access to the KLC “leadership buffet”– a cornucopia of materials and resources – and earn a Leadership Certificate by participating in a program that blends on-line and traditional classroom learning.

The program, which began last fall, will benefit Newman students in their future roles as managers and business leaders, according to Director of the MBA Program and Associate Professor of Marketing and Management Wendy Munday, Ed.D.

“The ability of our graduates to lead their organizations, particularly during challenging times, will be dramatically increased due to the combination of
the formal education they’ll receive at Newman and the additional skills
they’ll gain through the Kansas Leadership Center,” Munday said. “They’ll be able to add value to their organizations immediately.”

The Leadership Certificate program is grounded in the KLC philosophy that “leadership is an activity, not a particular role or position.”

To attain the Leadership Certificate, students participate in specialized, structured leadership experiences. The program provides specific requirements students must meet, but they may go at their own pace, personally tailoring the process and choosing the activities, classes, groups and events that interest them. Participants receive a discounted one-year membership to the Kansas Leadership Center, which is internationally recognized in the field of leadership development.

Matt Jordon, business development officer at KLC, said the mission of his organization is to equip people with the skills to bring about progress for the common good.

“The goal of the program is for participants to receive a comprehensive set of resources to foster long-term growth and lasting change,” Jordon said.