‘Miracle of Father Kapaun’ premiere

Chase Kear, center in blue shirt, and other Kear family members attended a performance of the play. Student Blake Lee, in golden t-shirt, portrayed Kear in the play.

A special addition to this year’s Heritage Month activities was the world premiere of “The Miracle of Father Kapaun.” The play, depicting Fr. Emil Kapaun’s life and a miraculous 2008 incident involving student Chase Kear, was adapted by playwright Anne Welsbacher from the Wichita Eagle series by Roy Wenzl. The play drew record or near-record crowds for a Newman production during each of the five performances.

Fr. Kapaun was ordained in St. John’s Chapel on June 9, 1940. He died in a POW camp during the Korean War on May 23, 1951. He is classified by the Church as a Servant of God, the first step on the path for sainthood.

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