Newman Grads: High in Salary, Low in Debt


Newman University ranks high in the average salary of graduates and low in the debt load of students compared to other colleges and universities in Kansas and across the nation.

That’s among the findings of the 2014/2015 U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard.

The College Scorecard was launched in 2013 by the DOE to gather data from universities nationwide. The interactive scorecard provides detailed and pertinent information to help those seeking higher education make informed choices about what college or university to attend.

The 2014/2015 Scorecard, which contains the latest data available, shows that Newman University has a strong retention rate, with 73 percent in the category of “Students Who Return After Their First Year” compared to the national average of 67 percent. The “Salary After Attending” category shows that Newman graduates’ salaries average around $41,900, the third highest of all private colleges in Kansas and well above the national average of $34,300.

At the same time, Newman is within the average range of “Average Annual Cost” among Kansas private schools, while the “Typical Total Debt” of a Newman grad is around $21,600, lower than 11 of the 18 private colleges in Kansas and comparable to Wichita State University at $21,750. Newman is also above average in the “Students Paying Down Their Debt” category, with 80 percent for Newman compared to 66 percent nationwide.

– Dana Beitey

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