Sacred Heart Academy Class of ’66 celebrates 50 years


The Sacred Heart Academy Class of ’66 Golden Hearts Reunions brought many alumnae to the Newman University campus June 24 and 25. Some came for only the Friday, June 24 activities, others arrived for the Saturday, June 25 events, and some were on campus the entire weekend.


Those attending June 24 were, (l-r): seated, front: Mary Kay (Just) Riedlinger, Mavis (Esterline) Mooberry, Rita (Bradfield) Kuchinkas, Susan (Schulte) Gorges, Luann (Rausch) Moore, Carolann (Martin) Hoppe, Karleen (Fox) Hendershot, middle row: Therese Wetta ASC, Barbara (Hartman) Giefer, Judy Simon, Kathy (Ambler) Reid (seated), Betty  Triana) Vega (seated), back row: Rita (Gruenbacher) Robben, Luann (Timmermeyer) Parsons, Diane (May) Winter, Beth (Stramel) Pile, Susan (Gegen) Way, Mary Kay (Elting) Widak, Carla (Issinghoff) Wesson, Mary (Peters) McMahon, Judy (Vaught) Barley, Mary Kaye (Ast) Kruse, Jane (Ast) Blick, Cynthia (Smith) Cleveland, Vivian (Wolf) Lynch, Joan (Hilger) Stolz, Patricia (Meyer) Newby.


Those attending June 25 were, (l-r): front row: Karleen (Fox) Hendershot, Christine Antonelli, Mary Kay (Just) Riedlinger, Patricia (Conover) Forshee, Judy Simon, Kathy (Ambler) Reid, Rita (Bradfield) Kuchinskas, Barbara (Hartman) Giefer, Susan (Schulte) Gorges, Betty (Triana) Vega, middle row: Luann (Timmermeyer) Parsons, Carolann (Martin) Hoppe, Luann (Rausch) Moore: Mary Kay (Elting) Widak, Monica (Marx) Walker, Vivian (Wolf) Lynch, Helen (McNeil) Damm, Camilla (Schuetz) Hartman, Beth (Stramel) Pile, back row: Mary (Peters) McMahon, Cynthia (Smith) Cleveland, Jane (Ast) Blick, Susan (Gegen) Way, Joan (Eck) Seiler, Carla (Issinghoff) Wesson.