‘Everything possible’


In a 2008 address to United States Catholic school superintendents and university and college presidents from across the country, Pope Benedict XVI stated that “everything possible must be done” to ensure that Catholic educational institutions “are accessible to people of all social and economic strata.”

Inspired by these sentiments, Newman University is embarking on a four-year effort to create new scholarship opportunities for students.

As an alumnus, you know firsthand the benefits you received from smaller classrooms, personal attention from a faculty member, or the opportunity to create long and lasting friendships. Making these opportunities available to future Jets is what we hope to achieve with your help.

But don’t take my word for it. Read how your scholarship could impact the life of a future teacher, future doctor, future community leader . . . a future alum! Here is Newman student Jeff Rolfes speaking to members of the De Mattias Society and the Newman Board of Trustees on Jan. 28, 2010:

Jeff Rolfes, Newman Student

Jeff Rolfes

“I am here tonight to thank you and to tell you about how your generous gifts to the scholarship fund are being used. For those who don’t know me, my name is Jeff Rolfes. I am a fifth-year senior, triple majoring in chemistry, biology and history. I hope to go to a graduate program for nuclear chemistry in the future.

“With that dream for graduate school, I am incredibly thankful I am able to go to Newman University. The amazing faculty go out of their way to advise, help, and tutor students in any way possible in achieving their dreams. This education and assistance has definitely enhanced my resume, while also securing me summer jobs in California learning about nuclear science.

“Newman has taught me not only about the subjects that I have enrolled in, but also about the things that can only be taught outside the classroom. Their commitment to service has instructed me that it is our duty to give back to the community. The required service hours have brought me so much joy that I no longer have to be ‘forced’ to tutor middle school kids and help out with the Boy Scouts. Even during our school breaks, I have trouble deciding which service trip to go on.

“Without my scholarship, it would be extremely doubtful that I would have come here. And even if I did come here, I would be forced to work full time to pay for my tuition. That would mean my studies would suffer, and my actions in the community would be nonexistent.

Thomas Borrego, J.D., VP of Institutional Advancement

Thomas Borrego, J.D.

“When you give to Newman, you are not just paying for someone to go to school. You are freeing up a student to tutor middle school children struggling with grades. You are allowing volunteers to have the time to clean up a living center for abused mothers. You are giving them the chance to go to Guaymas, Mexico, to build a bathroom for a family.

“You are giving them a chance to change the world.

“On behalf of all scholarship recipients, thank you and God bless.”

Check out our Web site at www.newmanu.edu/GiveToNU.aspx for ways to set up your scholarship. Be a part of continuing our great legacy! Everything is possible with you!

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