Two Alumni Boards promote opportunities for engagement

The 2016-2017 Student Alumni Board (back) Kevin Clack, Imkeleen Meyer, Briana Marin, Rebecca Kopper, Callie Mauk (center) Brigette Sponsel, Daniella Buedden, Hayden Francis, ‘17 Maureen Hogan, Lexy Cochran (front) Jack Schafer, Kayla Turner. Not pictured: Anna Dinh, Annie Dang, Chris Luschen, Hannah Rood, Maddie Dellinger.


The Student Alumni Board, formerly a support group for the Alumni Office, is now a functional organization, complete with new policies, procedures and an executive committee.

The board is made up of students selected to foster engagement between alumni and students by interacting with alumni and encouraging students to form connections that will last beyond graduation.

“Students have so much to gain from alumni,” said former Director of Alumni Relations Sarah Strole. “Alums are out in the real world, applying what students are learning to do right now, and students are a great way for alums to reconnect and relive those glory days by remembering what it was like to be a student.”

The first-year executive committee is composed of seniors Daniella Buedden as president, Becca Kopper as vice president and Kayla Turner as secretary.

Last year, a Capture the Flag campus-wide event became a Spoons Tournament due to rainy weather. According to Strole, the event was extremely successful. “It was a great way for people to meet, get extremely engaged and spirited.

“It’s these opportunities that strengthen those bonds and help to build that bridge between students and alums.”

National Alumni Board

While many universities have an alumni association, the Newman National Alumni Board sets itself apart in many ways.

Tyson Denton, president, National Alumni Board.

Unlike most colleges, Newman gives all alumni the same opportunity to participate on the board — it is not limited to those who can attend physical meetings. In addition, there is more representation from the graduate demographic at Newman than at most universities.

Marcelo Casanova, vice president, National Alumni Board.

Strole said, “We have people from all walks of life. They’ve been out of undergrad for a couple years — or several years — and they go back to school here at Newman. It is an opportunity that enriches their lives and that they appreciate academically, so they have a strong affiliate with us.”

Hayley Hungate, secretary, National Alumni Board.

This year’s National Alumni Board executive committee consists of 2005 graduate Tyson Denton as president, 2013 graduate Marcelo Casanova as vice president and 2015 graduate Hayley Hungate as secretary.

Like the Student Alumni Board, the National Alumni Board is dedicated to promoting engagement within Newman University. The national board also hosts alumni awards, social events, tailgating opportunities and committees for service projects.

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