Why do you give to Newman?


Over the years people have established scholarships at Newman University for a variety of reasons. Some donors set up a scholarship in memory of a loved one. Others want to help students in a specific academic field. Still others received scholarships when they were Newman students and want future students to have the same opportunity.

Newman recently created two short videos that highlight why individuals created scholarships, and one that offers the perspective of a Newman student who received a scholarship. Here, in a question and answer format, are excerpts of the two videos featuring donors.

Joan Felts, Ph.D., R.N., former dean of the School of Nursing and Allied Health, and her husband Frank established the David J. Felts Memorial Scholarship to honor their son, who was born with a debilitating nervous condition and died at age 20.

Q: What is the purpose of this scholarship?

A: Joan Felts: The purpose is to assist nursing students in completing their education. Hopefully then we’ll remember David for those individuals who will go out into the community and be competent, compassionate caregivers.

Q: What are some of the benefits or satisfaction you feel in creating a Newman scholarship?

A: Frank Felts: Annually we have a meeting where we get a chance to talk to the recipients of our scholarships, and we just think that’s a wonderful thing.

Larry Heck, Ph.D., professor of sociology and director of the School of Social Science, and his wife Robbi ’75, created the C. Larry and Robbi C. Heck Scholarship.

Q: What led you to create this scholarship?

A: Larry Heck: There (was) no scholarship at Newman for sociology. The way it looked to me was if we had a sociology scholarship it might help to bring students interested in sociology to Newman. The idea was we would especially like to help students who have a significant financial need.

Q: Why donate to Newman?

A: Robbi Heck: As a former student, thinking about the support I got, attending Newman and getting a teaching degree … has provided me with a lot of opportunity.

Larry Heck: We help a student be successful, and we hope that student will be inspired by the mission and fulfill the mission.

For more information on how to establish a scholarship, visit the Give to NU website or contact the Newman Advancement Office at 316-942-4291, ext. 2163, or [email protected].

Joan and Frank Felts Scholarship Interview


Larry and Robbi Heck Scholarship Interview


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