Your support helps make it all work


Thomas E. Borrego, J.D.

Paying it forward

Helping someone to acquire the knowledge necessary to be successful is just like teaching someone how to fish. At Newman University, we teach our students to “fish” by helping them acquire the skills and invaluable lessons that will help them be successful their entire lives.

But all that hard work only has a chance to pay off if a student has the opportunity to attend.

Creating a scholarship to help that student is often the critical step to beginning that journey. Those who are not able to attend are often precluded because they need just that little bit of support to make it all work. Your scholarship could be just the bit of help that makes a student’s dream a reality.

Your scholarship

Creating your own scholarship at Newman University has never been easier. A gift of just $250 or more will help underwrite one of our five major scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to incoming freshman based on their high school grade point average.

Each student receiving an institutional scholarship underwritten by a donor will be notified, and both the student and donor will be invited to our annual scholarship luncheon where they can meet.

Do you want to have a scholarship that will continue to give year after year? Creating an endowed scholarship fund is the way to go. For a minimum gift of $15,000, a permanent endowment will be established in your name to support a student. This gift can either underwrite or supplement a student scholarship.

Director of Development Molly Fox

Newman invests in students

Each year, Newman University provides more than $7 million in scholarship support. Some is underwritten by donors while others are not. The “Everything Possible” Scholarship Campaign is focused on creating real support for students. You can help us do that by going to the Newman website at and clicking on “Give to NU” for more information about how to set up your scholarship. Or, simply contact us at 316-942-4291, ext. 2163. We will be happy to start your scholarship today!

Newman is in our will!

Have you already established a scholarship through your will or trust? If so, contact our office to set up your scholarship guidelines to accompany your bequest intentions. A personalized scholarship will be created for you.

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