Linda Snook

Linda Snook ’77, Chair, Newman University Board of Trustees

As we continue to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Newman University, it is clear to me and my fellow members of the Board of Trustees that there is much to celebrate.

We are proud of our growth from a small, two-year college in 1933 to today’s master’s level Catholic university that is the largest in the state.

Newman continues to make steady progress on the financial front, as well.

While we are not immune to the ongoing challenges of today’s economy, our financial foundation is strong, and we expect it to grow even stronger in the years ahead.

The university also enjoys continued success as a member of the NCAA Division II, with our studentathletes proving their worth both on and off the playing field. Our innovative Newman Studies Program continues to develop and draw praise from the world of academia, and graduates of our pre-med, health science and other academic programs continue to excel in their graduate or professional school placement, or chosen career fields. And we contribute to the vibrancy of our community through our excellent
productions, speakers and programs.

Looking ahead, we see equally great things on the horizon. In not too many years, the campus will include new facilities and upgrades for our science and health sciences programs. Over the next year, new academic programs will be introduced, and Newman will continue to build partnerships with key businesses, educational and religious organizations in the region. The university will also expand co-curricular programs and create new opportunities for students to experience transformational academic activities.

It occurs to me that institutions like Newman don’t reach a milestone such as an 80th anniversary unless someone is doing something right. In our case, that “someone” is a host of administrators, faculty, staff members, students, benefactors and many others who have and continue to do many things right.

On behalf of the Board, I thank you for your continuing support and involvement. I know Newman University is a thriving, respected and inspiring institution today because of you. I trust that you, and many others who will follow us, will help Newman University become even stronger in the 80 years to come.

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