Kathleen Jagger

A letter from the President



As we usher in the golden hues of autumn, it is my profound pleasure to welcome you to the Fall 2023 issue of our Newman Magazine. With a world in constant flux, reflecting on our steadfast principles not only unites us but also guides us in navigating an ever-changing landscape. This issue, we delve into the very heart of our institution’s strength: the Newman core values.

At the heart and soul of this edition lies our featured cover story, titled “Transforming the World ― Newman’s Core Values Lived Out.” Through the compelling narratives of our inspiring alumni, we explore how our principles are made manifest in their lives and work and, ultimately, the impact they create.

During my tenure as president over the past three years, I’ve witnessed firsthand how our values of Catholic Identity, Academic Excellence, Culture of Service, and Global Perspective truly come to life on campus and through Newman alums. The ideals aren’t simply inscriptions on a monument; rather, they encapsulate the very essence of our being. They are embraced with passion and sincerity by the Newman community, including current and former students, faculty and staff, creating a unifying force that shapes our collective identity as a Newman community.

Through inspiring stories, with a special focus on the impressive achievements of our featured alumni, namely Jonah Wagner, Camden Hoover, Ami Angell and Levente “Levi” Nyitrai, you will discover how these core values underpin the everyday lives, thoughts, and actions of the members of our Newman community, and how these values in turn impact society at large.

I invite you to immerse yourself in the stories and reflections that fill the pages of this magazine. Whether you are a longtime member of our community or a new friend, may this issue of Newman Magazine provide you with not only inspiration and knowledge, but also a deeper connection to the spirit that defines Newman University. Together, we can continue to amplify the ripple of change that originates from the very core of our institution.

With warm regards,

Kathleen S. Jagger, Ph.D., MPH
President, Newman University