‘How can I help?’


I often hear from alumni, “How can I help?” Now more than ever, NU needs the help of all alumni.

Newman is not immune to the economic challenges facing our nation. The income derived from our endowment fund is down, which impacts our budget and curtails our ability to make a Newman education accessible to students. Budget challenges have also forced us to make difficult decisions to reduce expenses, and economic conditions make it difficult to accurately project future enrollment.

How can you help? There are many options, beginning with the Annual Fund.

Money raised through the Fund provides direct budget relief in the form of student scholarships. You can support that effort by responding to our direct mail requests, making a pledge when a Newman student calls, or buying a ticket to a special event. While large gifts are always welcome, gifts of any amount make a difference.

If your situation allows, now is a great time to establish an endowed scholarship. With a minimum gift of $15,000, you can create a personal scholarship tailored to students who exemplify your personal values.

If you are planning your estate, please consider how you could help Newman. You can set up a deferred giving plan as a simple bequest designation, or a plan that provides income to you during your lifetime and a gift to Newman later. The Advancement Office can help you create these plans.

And of course, you can always volunteer for a program or event, which helps the university keep costs down.

Please keep in mind that, despite the challenges we face, Newman is attracting some of the brightest individuals you can find. We know these difficult times will cause the “Newman Family” to rally and help keep us strong now and into the future.

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