Sports teams and staff members combine forces for ‘McCarthy Makeover’


In early August, Newman University student-athletes joined with Athletic Department staff members to launch the “McCarthy Makeover,” a major effort to restore and improve facilities of McCarthy Field, home of the Newman baseball team.

The makeover includes applying fresh coats of stain and paint to the entire facility, including the clubhouse, dugouts and both sides of the surrounding fence and 30-foot “Green Monster,” the centerfield wall which has become the signature of the ballpark. With dimensions of 330 feet down the left field line, 315 feet to the right field line, and 400 feet from home plate to the “Green Monster,” revamping the wall alone took more than 150 gallons of stain, primer and paint.

By the time the Jets play their first game next spring, the facility will also have new metal bleachers placed on concrete pads to replace the stadium’s original wooden bleachers. In addition, the department intends to build a new press box similar to one constructed for the softball field earlier this year. As of the time this magazine went to print, concrete sidewalks were being considered and negotiations were underway for a new scoreboard.

The improvements are designed to complement work performed last year, which included the installation of a sprinkler system and a new infield playing surface. Athletics Director Vic Trilli said involving the entire department gave student-athletes, coaches, and staff an opportunity to build positive relationships, as well as get many teams involved in the department before their seasons begin.

“It’s cool to the student-athletes when they can take ownership of something, and this project gives them the chance to do just that,” Trilli said. “This whole project empowers our student-athletes to give something back to the Newman University community, and it will help build a sense of community and family among our programs.”

McCarthy Field is surrounded by a shale warning track, which circles the entire inner fence line. The mound and plate are made of professional-style clay, with a shale/Turface mix for the infield surface. Nearby are four enclosed batting cages, an adjacent area for tee and soft-toss work, two portable mounds, and a bullpen that consists of three regulation length clay mounds.

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